How to write a news backgrounder cattle

On radio and television we do this by using a taped interview so that the person can be heard and seen on television actually saying the words.

You, the journalist, must decide what the top line is, what comes second, third, and so on, always mindful that you risk losing your audience if you get too bogged down in detail and offer too much of one kind of information export figures, say at the expense of other aspects of the story.

After taking an inventory of resources, including feed, labour and cash reserves, develop a partial budget. Much like the backgrounding enterprise, the stocker operation is exposed to substantial price risk between the time of cattle purchase and time of sale.

Cattle feeding operations may range from just a few head, up to one time capacity ofhead. Start the calves by feeding one pound of concentrate per head per day until each calf is consuming the concentrate.

Always follow label directions and observe pre-slaughter withdrawal periods when using feed additives or implants. In Virginia, the cattle are traditionally grazed during the spring to fall period. Donate books to hospitals and homeless shelters.

Avoid feeding on the ground.

How to Raise Cattle on Small Acreage

Simplicity Keep the language and grammar clear and simple. Symptoms of this disease are bloody scours and loss of performance.

Backgrounder/ Stocker

Neighbors and other local cattle operators can offer valuable information related to local conditions. NEA estimates that last year almost 45 million children and adults celebrated the joy of reading on Dr. The types of resources would fall into several classes.

Before starting a backgrounding feeding program using large-frame calves, be sure you have a market for them. Remember to read your story through thoroughly before handing it in. These need a slightly different approach once you have written your intro and principal key points.


For the moment there are two general observations to make. Stocker operators may purchase either backgrounded cattle or calves at weaning.

Through their publications, internet sites, and personnel, these organizations can offer insight into current issues impacting the cattle business or a particular breed of cattle. What is the normal cattle stocking rate in the area? Prospective cattle operators should have some information on the local geography and its impact upon cattle enterprises.

It is during this weaning and transition phase that feeder calves seem most susceptible to respiratory disease, commonly referred to as "shipping fever. Here in [name of your community], I hope that every child will be reading with a caring adult.

So use the six as a checklist. Perhaps even more importantly, what you can leave out. This will help to determine if there is a net advantage to placing calves on feed. Cattle from the stocker phase typically go directly to the feedlot. It also acquaints them with regular handling and provides an opportunity to observe behaviour and identify sick animals.

Press Backgrounder Sample

Calves tend to eat more during stormy weather. Analyse Marketing Opportunities Investigate marketing options with cattle buyers or feedlot operators to determine the market outlook and expected sale prices before making a final decision to background calves. It is important to feed test and to use the services of livestock nutritionists when developing backgrounding feeding programs.

This gives your audience some idea of how reliable the information is. If your story is a follow-up or part of a running story, have you provided sufficient background information?

From story hours for toddlers to career planning for teens, the library has something for everyone.The front page of a paper (online and in print) offers the biggest news stories of the day and there you’ll find straight, hard news.

It might be local, it might be international. Then hit the features section of the paper. The front page of a paper (online and in print) offers the biggest news stories of the day and there you’ll find straight, hard news.

It might be local, it might be international. Then hit. If you are thinking of entering the cattle business in Virginia, you should develop a resource inventory that applies to the particular cattle enterprise that interests you.

The list of available resources may dictate the type and size of cattle. Use a Template to Create a Newspaper Step. Type "Newsletters" or another search term in the Search Office Templates box.

Step. Click on a template to view a description of the template. Janet Garman with Timber Creek Creek farm is located along a river in Eastern Maryland, we are farming a large family tract of land.

Getting Started in the Cattle Business in Virginia

The tree farm property has been in the family for generations and we have added the animals and vegetable gardens. Backgrounding - Feeder Cattle Nutrition 13 November The primary objective of backgrounding is to provide optimal growth and development of the muscle and .

How to write a news backgrounder cattle
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